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Wholesale For People Who Are Creative.

For The Entrepreneurs - For Success !

Usa Name Necklace are always on the look for exceptional people to join our amazing club.

We are proud of the work that we do, and wouldn’t be successful with out you .

If you got the desire & passion to be a part of our creative group of sellers Our Team is dedicated to providing your Business the finest quality products at the lowest prices, along with great customer support.





From creative jewelry collections To Branding your own online jewelry store , Usa Name Necklace Aim high , Very High ! 

Our team of designers, and marketing specialists will design your store  fully 100% like it's ours , from uploads new jewelry collection , to descriptions , control Google C.e.optimizer, we will market , analyze and manage your online store . 

Become the seller you dreamed about & start selling personalized jewelry. 

You are our main assets, and we aim to give you the best service possible using Advanced  Wix strategies tools that help boost & drive traffic, leads, and sales.

in edition our team will not stop building you - we offer beautiful E-bay templates to sell more .


Our team are passionate for digital marketing , we will provide with stunning designs websites and the right marketing tools to drive & thrive your online sales.

usa team will raise awareness and build your brand, with great marketing , and amazing targeting abilities, together with Wix Google and Facebook we will drive leads , sales and most of all happy customer relationships.


No matter if you own a small or big business Your Brand Needs Personalized Jewelry ,  Our team can provide your existing online store with high quality pictures , new jewelry collection , descriptions , We will design our jewelry to your customer needs and branding your store to custom jewelry. 

Join the club  & start selling personalized jewelry. 

You are our main assets, and we aim to give you the best service possible.

from manufacturing name jewelry to packaging , business cards and flyers , usa team are ready to serve your customers with exceptional services end high quality jewelry   

we offer shipping services directly to your customers or to your business . 

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Usa Name Necklace wholesale FAQ

Usa Name Necklace FAQ

Hi there. Here at usa name necklace faq wholsale, we will try to break apart all questions and provide your with straight up answers . there's tons of questions you may have. we know, our inbox is full. So,before we dive in, we want to thank you for your time and business. usa name necklace will gladly be at your service. Here you can find answers to a most question that are important to know and may pop up in time. NOTE: At any given time, If you require any further information do not hesitate to contact us contact us

Orders from Usa Name Necklace

Usa Name Necklace is a Name tag wholesale jewelry manufacturer & exporter importer that sells to store owners, retailers large and small, websites, distributors , social media bloggers , personal customers and more..

How do I order from usa name necklace?

Orders are process only here usanamenecklace.com online store, payments are secured by paypal only. ( Note: you do not need a paypal acount to order, after clicking the paypal button you can pay by debit or credit cards) Paypal - best protection online

What is your opening order requirement?

NO minimum orders - buy as many as you need

Where is my order shipped from?

Usa name necklace have 2 workspaces One in los angeles and the other in israel. usually all orders are shipped out from los angeles CA - but its not a fact! Due to high demand we ship from israel and los angeles. Note: Shipping & handling time: both locations are arriving at the same time. fast shipping worldwide see shipping details here Also read about us regarding exact locations

How will you ship my order?

All orders are shipped via USPS First class shipping or IPS First class shipping EMS (Israel Post Office) unless otherwise requested. read more about shipping methods All jewelry's are shipped in a lovley colorful gift box with a thank you card , and 10% off for your next order , all goes in a small shiny sparkle plastic bag. in a 9x6 bubble wrap envelope with secure duct tape for safety.

What is your average shipping time?

USA Average Delivery time to your doorstep - 10-14 Business days Last Update : PST : AM-11:41 MAY.22th , 2020

How much are shipping charges?

Standard shipping : First class shipping 7-14 business days : $2.95 (Free shipping on all order over $59.99) Express shipping 3-8 business days : $15.49 (Free shipping on all order over $199.99) This Prices Are subject to 25 orders per month. if you can guarantee 25 orders per month contact us and we will set you up. Until you reach 25 sells a month shipping charges will remain identical on checkout to public. read about shipping prices here

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship anywhere in the world. Take adventege - sell worldwide. offer our line of jewelry to the world ! Sell to all locations with confidence as we got a factory located in the middle east . we ship to the eastside of the map faster then usuall

Do you have a drop shipping program?

Yes and no . When you order at usa name necklace you will get an email includes a receipt for your purchase for your tax returns. If your a supplier, and you want to ship your item under your busniess name . simply tell us. you can add the address you want on checkout under "Comments ? Add Note :" OR send us a message. we will ship to any address you want under any name you want. Note : Email will include all details all specific comments and messages .

As a seller, can i use usa name necklace pictures ?

Yes. we will email you all of our pictures in high resolution. also pictures on social media information you need to know 1. provide us with URL address to avoide any file lawsuit in court. 2.name of busniess and owner. HOLD IN COURT -From: May/23/2020 - To May/23/2030 1. You agree as a store owners, retailers , websites owners, distributors , social media bloggers ,or any personal customers use. You agree when your customers order an item on your business under usanamenecklace.com pictures modals jewelry. you agree to order that item only form UsaNameNecklace.com as your main supplier. for our pictures and models. to avoid any file lawsuit in court. 2. You are not allow to give away our pictures as"Free for commercial use"to other business. to avoid lawsuit in court. 3.Do not sell our pictures . Note: Please understand that our pictures are priceless for us. Our pictures are vital for our future continuous business online. In the past 5 years we seen an increase of websites we dont know using our pictures. We hope you respect and understand the nature of our request and follow this ethical agreement. thank you. UsaNameNecklace.com

wholesale discounts ?

Yes. After your first order , you will get a 10% off on all our store items . Our prices are extremely low all on top of high quality. as we aim for quantity. ALL Personalized jewelry made from sterling silver 0.925 or 18k gold plated start at $19.95 and some less... Personalized jewelry made from 14k solid gold starts at $139.99 ( changes by the price of gold) We are offering the cheapest custom jewelry company online! on sterling silver name necklace. and 18k gold plated name necklace . (we use only sterling silver 0.925 metal - not brass or copper or other...) As you explore our jewelry store for some trendy name necklaces, and personalized jewelry. if your familiar and a trend follower in the name industry online, you may notice our style is a bit different - we mix shine & sparkle on most of our jewelry. Our suppliers make profits from 30%-80%. as prices are higher online and especially in physical jewelry stores. Note: If you order more then 150 items per month, we will discount more to your price, more then 150 a month? more discounts...

UsaNameNecklace | out of stock ?

NEVER ! All items are handmade 100% , we make all name tags personalized by order.

Where is usanamenecklace.com jewelry made?

Two workshops - Same time arrival to your doorstep. USA - Los angeles jewelry district 6th & hill st. ISRAEL - Ashqelon Migdal.

What sizes do your rings & necklaces come in?

Personalized Rings: from 3 to 14 (Or any size you want as we boundless manufacturing no Limits 100% handmade for you) personalized necklaces : we carry 14" 16" 18" Style chains: Rollo Beads Twist (singapure style)

Can I see my billing account online?

YES , please sing in or log in to your accout. our online system will display everything for you, all your past orders - your wallet - your favorite items - your address - and much more. All setup in your member area account nice and organized . If you have any billing questions, please contact us.

Who can become a wholesaler ?

Everyone! simple as that. Contact us.

  • provide us with your email and your store - URL (where your going to dispaly and sell jewelry)
  • Reqest pictures
  • copy paste details of items you like to sell ( works only with ctrl-c | ctrl-v)
  • sing in - open an acoonut.
  • become a seller - start to buy and sell !
Note: avrage prices for name jewelry market online is worldwide is above 30%-60% from our prices. If your good - thats your future profit . We wish you good luck we are here if you if you need us.