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For The Entrepreneurs - For Success !

Usa Name Necklace are always on the look for exceptional people to join our amazing club.

We are proud of the work that we do, and wouldn’t be successful with out you .

If you got the desire & passion to be a part of our creative group of sellers Our Team is dedicated to providing your Business the finest quality products at the lowest prices, along with great customer support.





From creative jewelry collections To Branding your own online jewelry store , Usa Name Necklace Aim high , Very High ! 

Our team of designers, and marketing specialists will design your store  fully 100% like it's ours , from uploads new jewelry collection , to descriptions , control Google C.e.optimizer, we will market , analyze and manage your online store . 

Become the seller you dreamed about & start selling personalized jewelry. 

You are our main assets, and we aim to give you the best service possible using Advanced  Wix strategies tools that help boost & drive traffic, leads, and sales.

in edition our team will not stop building you - we offer beautiful E-bay templates to sell more .


Our team are passionate for digital marketing , we will provide with stunning designs websites and the right marketing tools to drive & thrive your online sales.

usa team will raise awareness and build your brand, with great marketing , and amazing targeting abilities, together with Wix Google and Facebook we will drive leads , sales and most of all happy customer relationships.


No matter if you own a small or big business Your Brand Needs Personalized Jewelry ,  Our team can provide your existing online store with high quality pictures , new jewelry collection , descriptions , We will design our jewelry to your customer needs and branding your store to custom jewelry. 

Join the club  & start selling personalized jewelry. 

You are our main assets, and we aim to give you the best service possible.

from manufacturing name jewelry to packaging , business cards and flyers , usa team are ready to serve your customers with exceptional services end high quality jewelry   

we offer shipping services directly to your customers or to your business . 

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