Hello there & Welcome to our shipping information page. Before we dive in to our shipping services, Customers should acknowledge that Usa name necklace distribute exclusive personalized high end finish jewelry | Luxury & Expensive jewelry. Having said that... it's critical to harness the finest & greatest shipping services to transport your goods safely and responsibly. In the past 6 years we comprehend all about shipping across the US & internationally. we had beautiful experiences with most shipping carriers , but the one who catches our intention were USPS.

USA Name necklace operate with UNITED STATES POST OFFICE | USPS !

 USA Name necklace offers you high end jewelry. Prestige metals only, we hold a hugh verity of  18K  14K yellow and white solid gold , also we carry sterling silver 0.925 . Those metals are highly expensive on the market for you and for us to. Jewelry that reach up to hundreds of dollars, WE must fulfill & transport them with the proper and highest respect regarding packaging & shipping. 

Back from 2014. Since we started selling personalized jewelry online . We worked with three major shipping carriers. USPS UPS & FedEx , the differences between each carrier can be challenging, but no worries ! We did our researched the advantages and disadvantages of each of the three major shipping services, and we’ve asked our customers to tell us about their own experiences, and by far USPS was the best all the way, USPS offers dozens of shipping services for international and domestic shipping, including ground delivery, air shipments, express shipments, and freight transportation.. There’s a lot to love about USPS. There are tons of reasons companies like us and online sellers choose USPS:

  1. USPS Offers Guaranteed Express Shipping with USPS. If you need a package delivered ASAP, USPS is your choice for shipping. USPS provides services such as same-day delivery and next-day delivery.  Guaranteed delivery gives you the peace of mind that your packages will arrive on time, keeping you as a happy customer  & keeps us happy and your business moving.

  2. USPS Provides Unbeatable Tracking information. USPS offers amazing tracking services. Customers can see where their packages are from start to finish. USPS detail tracking gives you a sense of security, and it’s also great for you! The USPS can tell you at any point exactly where packages are. It’s unlikely that you’ll lose a package while shipping through USPS. ( Fact : USA name necklace never lost a package shipping with USPS ) 

  3. USPS  insurance.When you purchase a luxury jewelry online why not insure it?! USPS with USA name necklace is liable for loss or damage, at no extra cost, when you pay for uSps your jewelry it's insure by USPS and by usa name necklace!  for each domestic package, international shipment, or UPS Worldwide Express.





Delivery to your Doorstep After 11 - 5 Business days after production.


2-5 : LIGHT EXPRESS : $24.95 

1-2 : SUPER EXPRESS: $39.95




INTERNATIONAL: Delivery to your hands.3 - 2 Business days after production.




Production times Menu:

Update / DEC.2 : The Average Production times Stands on 3-4 business days from this date.


  • If you're planning on purchasing a silver name necklace  or gold plated name jewelry, most likely these jewelry will cost you $38 up to $70 . we suggest to choose USPS the best choice for you. Stay humble regarding your shipping get it safe and not expensive with USPS. 

  • If you're planning on purchasing a 14k solid gold or any type of jewelry purchase that accessed more than $100, we suggest USPS EXPRESS  USAnamenecklace.com & USPS insures your package. simple. Plus USPS got the strongest tracking information and the fastest shipping method we can guarantee.  USPS EXPRESS are insured.

These are only simple recommendations, call then tips. Of course we know that every individual person got is own needs regarding shipping. Our suggestions are pure, these suggestions are simply what our customer experiences with shipping with us.

Thank you.With Appreciation

USAnameneckalce.com | Dept. Shipping & Packaging Team.

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Please Feel free to Contact Us for more information regarding shipping & tracking