Shop from a huge selection of personalized necklacessilver name necklace, Starting at $18.95

Gorgeous Glamour

At Usa Name Necklace, we offer our customers more than just incredible custom jewelry; we offer memories that last a lifetime. We carry an exclusive range of silver name necklace, gold name necklace, making it easy for our discerning customers to find that perfect name necklace. We believe our valued customers deserve the best, which is exactly what we provide. We specialize in timeless jewelry items that never go out of fashion. 

​Designs By Usa Name Necklace , Specializes in One of a Kind Personalized Jewelry. Create Personalized Name Necklaces by Selecting the Metal, Stones and Chain length. Create your very own Custom Necklace.

HQ Office : Sixth & Hill Jewelry District. 412 W 6th St, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA

Extension - factory by demand for gold & silver: Balfour 14 Ashkelon Israel
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