USA Chain Length Size Chart

Hi there USA shoppers! Did you know that choosing the right size name necklace is a crucial step in buying the perfect jewelry for you or your love-ones? Here we will figure out how to choose the best necklace length or chain length. It can be tricky. But getting the right length make a big difference when you want to make a style impact and look well put together.

USA Name Necklace Chain length Chart size :

  1. 14" Necklace: For 4 to 10 years old : closely around the neck.

  2. 16" Necklace: For 12 - 18 years old : best choies for kids.

  3. 18" Necklace: For 18+ years old :A common choice for women that sits elegantly on the collarbone.

  4. 20" Necklace: Long size: length Will fall just below the collarbone.

  5. 22" Necklace: Just above :the top of the bust.

Most Commonly:

16" inches | 40c"m :This length should work especially well with off the shoulder, crew and boat necklines. standard style size chain most commonly for 12-18 years old. this length will suit mostly on every teenage girl

18" inches | 45c"m : This is the most commonly length. It will look amazing on most women and work well with most outfits which suit wearing a necklace.

Keep in Mind:

At usa name necklace , most name necklaces are usually got two holes to attach a necklace, one on the first letter and the other one on last letter, that simply means that the chain length do not include with the length with the name pendant.

Explanation: Let's say. for example, if you choose 16" inches size chin , with your name pendant it will come out to 16.8-17.2 inches. The name pendant does not include with the size length necklace. The size of each nameplate is different from the other as we carry a large collection of nameplate necklace, all information regarding the size of each name pendant is writhing in item description on every product on our store.


In the past 6 years we carry chain sizes up to 18" . Now available in gold and silver chain styles in extra 5 c"m taking them up to 20" free no charge. which will allow you to increase the versatility to your jewelry collection.

You should check out our name necklace in sterling silver, which generally come in different lengths you can 22" inches, making them very versatile chain designs. Also you should check out our 14K solid gold nameplate necklaces attached with stunning Rollo chains can get up to 20" no charge.

How to know what the perfect length suits you?

Let's say for example, there is no size we offer on our store that fits your needs 14" -16"-18" are not accurate your needs , and you want your chain length to be exactly as you request. No problem! simply stand before a mirror , take a thin rope string, rap it around your neck, mesure the rope by holding the ends of the rope with your hands down ( your hands will be where the pendant will sit). play with the rope measurements until you feel that's the right size and place you want your pendant to sit, afterwords simply take a ruler mesure the length that comes out, write it on notes on checkout , that's it.


Sydney : 29 Years old Jewelry lover from CA. Looking glamorous with her name necklace.

Sydney featuring a Sterling silver name necklace coca-cola font.

Chain length she chose was 18"

Featuring a Gold plated 18K heart name necklace. Chain length she chose was 16"

Featuring a 14K gold heart name necklace. Chain length she chose was 18"

Featuring a 14K gold diamond cut name necklace. Chain length she chose was 18"

Featuring a 14K gold heart name necklace. Chain length she chose was 16"

Hope we helped in finding the right chain length . if you need more help please do not hesitate to contact us in any given time. thanks.

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