February 17, 2018

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" When I first started learning how To make jewelry , that's when i first learn how to breath !  "

it's was absolutely clear to me that jewelry making are like some kind of meditation . 


Getting inspired by art - taking pure silver grains &  bring jewelry to life 

such small objects , contains so much quiet in us as humans - goldsmith , you must  know this feeling , when your on to something you love if its your job or your hobbies . when u getting it to it , time fly's , the clock the days are super fast. it simply means that your having a great time by doing and passing time as you should and not sitting and watching time ticks . 


i remember a time when we got a  big order for one big retail company and i was told to make 70 pairs of hoop earrings & stud earrings , immediately i thought about monks ! ( lol ) really ,  to solder 70 pairs of  name earrings LIKE 140 per earrings as equal to 280 points to solder ! )

COME ON....  

So i prepare myself , turned on my favorite music - threw the phone away  and simply go with the flow of  fire.... 

I Love it ! The time the effort , i love making a jewelry that  customers will love to , as I believe meditation or you can call it a PeaceOfMind  is an essential part of creating  jewelry , especially  Personalized Name Jewelry , in this delicate field we , UsaNameNecklace designers and suppliers , will make sure you will get the highest quality jewelry you can find  we look at it perfectly clear , 100% satisfaction guaranteed ! 


Did you know ? there are company's who use super glue to connect the name to the hoop earring itself . not safe & NOT AT THIS HOUSE!

Check Out how we  make & solder our Name Earrings | Short video about USA soldering . 

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