Ring Size Guide

How to Find Your Ring Size?


Before making that name ring purchase whether it’s for yourself or for another person dear to you,

it is important to know the right ring size.


Here u can Get Your Ring Size In 5 simple and  Easy Steps

U need : marker&paper&ru




1. we start in cutting a strip of paper about 15 centimeters long . and about 1 centimeter wide.

2. Wrap the paper around your finger , around the widest part of the appropriate place. this will be at a joint, but it may be in a number of locations and may change from finger to finger.  You can use an old ring to help find the widest spot .

3. Mark the other end of the paper that meets the taped end.  the point where the paper overlaps and (form a complete circle).

4. Using a ruler, measure the length of the strip of paper from the starting to the end look on the paper end find your nearest ring size in millimeter.

5. Find the closest measurement on the size chart to determine your ring size.