Guilianna Marie reviews Our Monogram Necklaces. It's A Hit!

Today, I'm featuring my new favorite necklace from USA Name Necklace.

I've always wanted a monogram necklace-- and this one exceeded my expectations. It's the perfect accessory for everyday wear. Whether your hiking or going to a family reunion, this necklace is your new go to. Here's how I styled it:

I actually wore this to my boyfriend's mom's birthday party. I think it was the perfect outfit-- casual and dressy all at the same time. And the necklace really pulls it all together.

Later on in the evening, I threw on a crewneck. (It was a little chilly for the end of July!) The necklace, again, looked perfect! Though the oversized crewneck made my outfit appear less dressy, the necklace distracted from it, making me still look put together.

Overall, I'm a huge fan of the necklace! If you're a monogram-a-holic like myself, go get your hands on this necklace!

You won't regret it.

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