Care Instructions | Sterling Silver .

Welcome to Usa Name Necklace Care Instructions.

WE love sterling silver jewelry. Especially Silver Name necklace

Between its Luster, its Brilliance, silver is one of the most popular materials for jewelry.

Even so many of us find ourselves forgetting all the beautiful silver pieces in our jewelry boxes .

Perfumes Creams Lotions Even Oxygen can bond to its surface and cause the silver to appear dirty or Faded . Who wants that?!

Fortunately, caring for silver and reducing tarnish is simple & Fast.

1. We recommend removing your name necklace ( or any name jewelry you buy ) when you shower or Avoid wearing your silver in mineral baths, spas and swimming pools, as the salt water and chlorine may affect the metal finish..

2. Lotions, perfumes and make up are absorbed into your skin. Apply all hair products, especially hair spray, before you put on the jewelry.

3. Never use tissues or paper towels for cleaning silver. These products will scratch the surface of the Jewelry .

4. Store your Jewelry in a soft lined box or pouch. Try to keep pieces apart, so that they so don’t rub together or tangle up.

(Same Care Instructions apply on our 18K 24K Gold Plated Name Jewelry )

UsaNameNecklace Owner inspect every item that leaves the factory , 100% handmade polish clean & shine by our goldsmiths . we brighten your jewelry to the highest level that sterling silver can reach . we really adore this soft and beautiful metal .

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