Fashion Conscious - Sterling Silver Name Jewelry.

When it comes to modern age designs, Sterling Silver Name Jewelry has made it big! 

AT ,WE Mix PURE 999 Sterling silver with alloy, 

approximate 92% of pure silver and rest with another metals so that is can be made more strong & durable .

( from here comes the 0.925 that most sellers around the globe write)



 in our field , Pure Sterling Silver is to soft to work with especially when it comes with letters , words - you definitely want a strong thick durable silver plate that will not bend or brack your name pendant .

We add copper that is the alloy with pure 999 silver to make 925 sterling silver.

Silver is also very safe for skin as it does not yield any adverse chemical reactions. You can buy silver Name Jewelry at very reasonable price. ( starting at 19.95 ) You can gift a piece of specially designed silver necklace to your loved ones.