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Try now! Homeworld Remastered Collection v2.1 (PC Download) Homeworld Remastered Collection v2.1 is an action-strategy PC game released in 2018. The game comes with original Homeworld and its sequel Homeworld 2. This game has you role-playing as a leader of an alien race who must unite the alien species to fight against a malicious homeworld leader. This game is very popular in PC as it is the only action-strategy game which can be played using keyboard and mouse. This game has good graphics and music and you can play it on any smart devices like Android, iOS, PC, Mac and so on. The Homeworld Remastered Collection v2.1 comes with two parts Homeworld and Homeworld 2 and supports all previous hardware and software. This game is very well optimized and you will not face any problem while playing it. Homeworld Remastered Collection v2.1 comes in CD-key and DVD-key formats. This is not a standalone game and requires a computer. You can download it from official website. The Homeworld Remastered Collection is a game collection which comes with two parts Homeworld and Homeworld 2. This game contains all previous missions, heroes and enemies. This is a remake of the games and includes all the previous features. The creators have really put a lot of effort and time to remake the game. The Homeworld Remastered Collection v2.1 gameplay You can play this game in many ways. You can either play the campaign or you can play skirmish matches in the game. The campaign of the game is really great and you will fall in love with it. It is a combination of single player and multi-player modes. In the single player mode, you will have to play through the whole game. While in the multi-player mode, you will have to fight other players. You can also have skirmish matches in this game. In the campaign mode, you will have to follow the plot of the game. You will play in the war for the survival of the universe. The enemy is a very hostile homeworld race which wishes to take over the earth. You will have to play through the missions of the game. You will have to do different things like fighting in space, fighting against the alien race, fighting against the alien leader, and so on. All these things will make the game much interesting for you. Homeworld Remastered Collection v2.1 weapons and



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