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Do you do custom orders?

Dab definitely caters to most customization wants and needs for a reasonable fee. Send us a message to talk specifics.

I'm allergic to an ingredient you use in a product I want to buy. Can it be replaced?

Feel free to inform us about what we can help you with- especially any allergies! Send us a message to talk specifics with the subject [Custom Order].

Do you sell sample sizes?

We do have sample sizes for sale for the following products: a) Herb Foundation
b) Petal Concealer
c) Eyebrow Grower with Tint
d) Powder Mascara
e) Herb Eyeliner When available, we also make it a point to include a sample of a random product from our store with your every purchase. Feel free to make a request if you've been eyeing any of the products with no samples for sale in particular.

Do you sell bigger sizes?

Unlike conventional makeup, our products make use of organic (plant-based) preservatives, and even then we try to make use of as little preservatives as possible (some of our products don't even contain them) to make sure that your makeup and skin care essentials remain as pure as we can make it. We keep our packaging small in order to prevent waste and encourage everyday use for optimal healing benefits. Remember, Dab uses the purest USDA approved organic ingredients. Food grade, vegan, and cruelty free- oh, and most definitely made fresh just for you.

Do you do collaborations or sponsorships?

Thank you for taking an interest in our brand! Please leave us a message through our "Connect" page and we'll see if a collaboration is possible between us.


We do have coupons available for return customers, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Additionally, you may also find active coupons from our social media collaborators' profiles.

Do you take wholesale orders?

We are very much open to wholesale inquiries. Please send us a message through our "Connect" page with the subject [Wholesale] and we'll get to you as soon as we're able.

Do I have to send my containers back for a [powder product] refill?

Short answer: No. Unlike the rest of our product refills, powder product refills are simply mailed to you in a kraft paper pouch so you can refill your items at home. This includes the following products: Petal Translucent Powder Petal Blush Powder Herb Contour Powder Face Polish Soap

Does DabHMS do refills?

We definitely cater to refilling! Most of our creations in glass and metal containers can be refilled. Dab is a very big fan of reusing & recycling. And just for reusing your glass and metal containers, refill purchases for available products would cost 10% less than their retail price (shipping not included). Kindly read our refilling guidelines below carefully before availing of the service: (Guidelines can also be seen on the item page of refillable products.) 1. Clean containers can be sent back to our PO Box for refilling purposes. 2. Before sending your containers back, they must be cleaned. We will be sterilizing them, but we do ask that customers kindly wash their DabHMS containers before refills. Note: For glass mascara refills, please keep your mascara wands. For sanitary purposes, we advise that they be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at your homes. We will be sending your glass mascara bottles back with a metal cap instead. 3. Please include a note with your containers noting your whole name as indicated on your Etsy shipping details, your Etsy usernmae or email, and (if order has been placed) your order reference number. OUR MAILING ADDRESS: DAB HERB MAKEUP & SKINCARE PO BOX 2006 TEMPLE CITY, CA 91780-8006

​Designs By Usa Name Necklace , Specializes in One of a Kind Personalized Jewelry. Create Personalized Name Necklaces by Selecting the Metal, Stones and Chain length. Create your very own Custom Necklace.

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